STAW 2017 MONTHLY OP KIT #3 (16)
STAW 2017 MONTHLY OP KIT #3 (16)

16 units per master carton


Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play (OP) Kits are designed as a stand-alone tool to help stores offer a special Star Trek: Attack Wing event based on a fan-favorite Star Trek episode. The scenarios offered in these new OP Kits are from all over the Star Trek universe!

Stores order Star Trek: Attack Wing OP Kits directly from their distributor. Star Trek: Attack Wing OP Kit orders will be verified against a store’s demonstrated Attack Wing event performance. No retail store location may order more than 3 of each OP Kit in total.

RETAILERS PLEASE NOTE: Star Trek: Attack Wing OP Kits are available only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

The Star Trek: Attack Wing OP Kits are covered by the WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement and are marked “NOT FOR RESALE."

Stores are not required to have a volunteer or judge present to run an event; store owners may ultimately determine how events in their store will run and how the kits are used to promote in-store play.

Each OP Kit includes prizes to run a store’s event. An enclosed instruction sheet makes it easy for stores to run an event for the first time.