52 cards (fixed contents) 2 foil cards included!
6 decks in 1 display
8 displays in 1 carton

Included inside:  Life Counter, Rule Sheet, Play Mat

Used by a new character in this latest installment, this deck introduces a brand new class of monster!  Who exactly is the entity that shines radiantly in seven colors!  Withstand the assault of your enemies with monsters that boast the highest defense in the history of Buddyfight!

A new season of Future Card Buddyfight animation is commencing in April 2017! Do look forward to the new season.
Start decks have always been popular among Buddyfighters. And with this new installment, two more start decks will join the fray!
Decks contain cards that are fun and easy to use, so they are perfect for new Buddyfighters!
We hope everyone will continue to enjoy Buddyfight in 2017. Luminize!!

Start Dash Campaign!

Get your players hyped with the upcoming Start Dash Campaign! Every purchase of both start decks entitles each customer to a set of the limited edition <Dragon World> flag and <Star Dragon World> flag! Available only during this campaign and only while stocks last.
As this is a limited PR set, each customer is entitled to only one set of PR flags.

All Bushiroad official stores applying for FC Buddyfight April Shop Tournament will receive 12 sets of the Start Dash Campaign PR flags. Are you ready!? Start... Dash!
This campaign is only available to Bushiroad official stores.