UD FULL FORCE HOCKEY 15/16 (5/18/16)
UD FULL FORCE HOCKEY 15/16 (5/18/16)

5 Cards per Pack
18 Packs per Box 
8 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case

        Get one (1) 3D Lenticular “Full Force Freshman” Rookie card per box!
o   Including RARE Die Cut parallels of all the top new Rookies!
o   Collect all the Great Rookies!
        Every box delivers four (4) flashy Rainbow Foil inserts!
o   Collect the entire sets of:
§  Ice Encounters
§  Draft Board
§  Thermal Threats
§  Calder Competitors!
        Collect an array of Die Cut inserts falling at least four (4) per box!
o   Includes rare autographed parallels from Goooal!, Immediate Impact, and Valuable Assets!
        Look for dual layered PETG Rising Force and Dual Force inserts with every card limited numbered! 
o   Falling two (2) per box!
o   Uncover rare Gold Variations numbered to 50 or less!
        Collect the cool NEW set within a set insert “Blueprint!”
o   Falling 6 per box!
o   Collect the entire set, including hard to find Autographed parallels!
        Uncover an extensive selection of autograph cards from Hockey’s biggest stars and the new HOT 2015-16 Rookie Class!

Rookie Cards + Parallel
o   Full Force Freshmen (1:18)
o   Full Force Freshman Die Cut Parallel (1:120)
Autograph Cards (All Autos Combine to Fall at a Rate of 1 in every 2 Boxes!)
o   Blueprint Autograph Parallel
o   Goooal! Autograph Parallel
o   Immediate Impact Autograph Parallel
o   Valuable Assets Autograph Parallel
Rainbow Foil Inserts – Falling 4 per box!
o   Ice Encounters
o   Draft Board
o   Thermal Threats
o   Draft Board Rookies
o   Thermal Threats Rookies
Die Cut Inserts – Falling At Least 4 per box!
o   Goooal!
o   Immediate Impact
o   Valuable Assets
o   Goooal! Rookies
Collect the Set within a Set! – Falling 6 per box!
o   Blueprint (1:3)
Regular Set and Parallels
o   Base Set – 100 cards
o   Base Set Die Cut Rainbow Parallel (# to 25)

2015-16 Full Force Hockey PPT v1 (Hobby).pptx   2015-16 NHL UD Full Force Checklist - FINAL.xls