UD FLEER ULTRA HOCKEY 14/15 (6/18/16)
UD FLEER ULTRA HOCKEY 14/15 (6/18/16)

6 Cards per Pack
18 Packs per Box
8 Boxes per Inner Shipper     
2 Inner Shippers per Case

         Look for Gold & Platinum Medallion regular set parallels of your Favorite Players!
Hitting at least 1 in every 2 packs!
          (NEW) Collect “Road to the Championship” Replica Ticket Relics in Every Box!
o   Follow your team as they went through the ’13-14 playoffs,  with a replica ticket commemorating every home game played!
         Find Rookie Redemptions for top ’14-15 NHL Prospects!
o   Plus Gold and Platinum Medallion versions too!
         Pull National Heroes Satin Flag Relics!
o   A total of 40 players decorated with a mini-flag representing their nationality!
o   Get rare autographed versions too!
         Grab EX Bonus Packs!
o   Falling in every 3 boxes, these 3-card packs have some sizzling inserts!
§  Including Essential Credentials, Jambalaya plus subsets of Legends & Phenoms!
         Look for Photo Vault Film Slide Relics!
o   Utilizing never-before-seen photos that have been stored in UD’s photo archives for decades!
§  Highlighted by some of hockey’s All-Time Greats!
o   Limited-edition Autographed slides too!
         Collect flashy new foil die-cut inserts, plus Fresh Ink signatures – capping Fleer Ultra! 

         Super Cool Medallion Base Set Parallels!
o   Gold Medallion – inserted 1:2
o   Platinum Medallion – #’d to 99
         Rookie Redemption cards!
o   Rookie Redemptions – inserted 1:18
o   Rookie Redemptions – Gold Medallion // – inserted 1:96
o   Rookie Redemptions – Platinum Medallion // – #’d to 25
         Road to the Championship Replica Tickets! (combining to drop 1 per box)
o   Conference Quarterfinals – inserted 1:35
o   Conference Semifinals – inserted 1:58
o   Conference Finals – inserted 1:164
o   Stanley Cup Finals – inserted 1:300
         Photo Vault Film Slides!
o   Images 1-5 – inserted at a combined 1:48
o   Autograph versions -- #’d to 10
         National Heroes (Satin Flag Relics)!
o   Canada – Inserted 1:60
o   UDA – Inserted 1:150
o   Russia – Inserted 1:225
o   Sweden – Inserted 1:360
o   Finland – Inserted 1:360
o   Autograph versions – #’d to 25
         Dazzling Die-Cut Inserts! (combining to fall 4/box)
o   Buckets – Inserted 1:9
o   Net View – Inserted 1:36
o   Gongshow Grinders – Inserted 1:18
o   Rule 76 – Inserted 1:108
o   Premier Pad Men – Inserted 1:54
         Autograph Hits!
o   Fresh Ink Signatures – Inserted 1:120
         Regular Cards
200 Regular Cards
         EX Bonus Packs! (Falling 1 in every 3 Boxes!)
o   Base cards
o   Legends – #’d to 299
o   Phenoms – #’d to 249
o   Essential Credentials, Future – varied #ing
o   Essential Credentials, Now – varied #ing
o   Jambalaya – 1:112

Additional 2014-15 Fleer Ultra NHL Hobby product information

Every other box, on average, will contain one of the following cards:
-          Fresh Ink
-          National Heroes Satin Flag Relic Autos (#’d of 25 per)
-          Photo Vault Film Slide Relic Autos (#’d of 10 per)
-          Platinum Medallion Rookie Redemptions (redeemed cards will be #’d of 25 copies per)
-          EX Essential Credentials Future (#’d of 42 or less)
-          EX Essential Credentials Now (#’d of 42 or less)
-          EX Jambalaya 

Every 8-box inner, on average will contain:
-          8 Road to the Championship Replica Ticket Relics
-          5 National Heroes Satin Flag Relics
-          3 Photo Vault Film Slide Relics
-          3 Autograph Cards
-          8 Rookie Redemptions
-          1-2 Gold Medallion Rookie Redemptions //
-          Up to 8 Platinum Medallion //’s
-          2-3 EX Bonus Packs
Every other EX Bonus Pack, on average, will contain either a Jambalaya or Essential Credentials Future or Now card!

2014-15 Fleer Ultra Hockey PPT.pptm   2014-15 Ultra Hockey Checklist FINAL.xls