Catalyst Game Labs will release a licensed deck building game based on the 4X sci-fi computer strategy game Master of Orion this summer.

In the computer game, players control one of ten races trying to dominate the galaxy using diplomacy and conquest, while also building their empire and colonizing space. In the deck building game, two players face off as one of two species (the humans and Darloks), expanding their empires with building and combat. During the game, players explore new planets and use their resources to build military might. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s home world and become master of the galaxy. MSRP is $20.00.

Catalyst Game Labs’ Publisher Loren Coleman told ICv2 the company plans to expand the game to include four players with future expansions.  The license also includes fiction releases for the property.

Master of Orion was a computer game released by MicroProse (creators of Civilization and X-COM) in 1993. The rights have changed hands over the years, but are currently held by, which released a new version of the game Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars in 2016.