Japanime Games has announced its 2017 game releases, including Terrifying Girl Disorder, Kemomimi Panic, Alicematic Heroes, Clockwork Empire, Dragon Pets, Starlight Stage, and Shinobi.

Terrifying Girl Disorder is a deduction card game designed by Kuro (The Ravens of Thri Sahashri, Rent a Hero) which was originally published in Japan by Manifest Destiny. The game is based on the novel Dogra Magra by Kyusaku Yumeno, where young girls “boom” into women with powerful psychic abilities. Because they cannot control their power, the World Ascension Society sends operatives into schools to identify the before something bad happens. Now an accident has occurred, and all the girls at the school (and the agent) have lost their memories. Players must collect clues to figure out their identities. The game is for 3 – 4 players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 30 minutes. MSRP is $25.00. release is planned for spring.

Kemomimi Panic is a deduction game from Arclight Games. All the anthropomorphic girls who live in the town of Mokemoke have treasures to protect, and an unknown thief, dubbed Crescent Moon, is trying to steal them. Players must deduce who is Crescent Moon before the game finishes. The game is for 4 – 8 players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 30 – 60 minutes. Release is planned for spring. MSRP is $25.00.

Alicematic Heroes is a fast-paced tactical board game that uses an engine-building mechanic. Players spread their control across the board, but must strategically wait until their kingdom is strong in an aspect that matches the kingdom they invade. The game features a modular board and rule-breaking card effects to vary play from game to game. The game is for 4 – 5 players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 1 hour. MSRP is $40.00. Release is planned for summer.

Clockwork Empire is a world-building board game designed by Kuro (Terrifying Girl Disorder) for Manifest Destiny. Players take the role of clockwork workers, who have been dormant since the apocalypse that destroyed humanity. A sudden lightning strike brings them back to life, and they follow the prerogative the humans programed: Breed. Increase. Players must manage their resources, create new workers, and then maintain them, often fusing them into bigger models. The goal is to dominate the Clockwork Empire. The game is for 3 – 4 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 100 minutes. MSRP is $35.00. Release is planned for summer.

Dragon Pets is a set collection game from Italian publisher Pendragon Games Studios (Apollo XIII, Last Friday, Stay Away!). Designed by Paolo Cecchetto and Christian Giove, the game casts players in the role of dragon breeders, trying to produce the most rare and wondrous dragons in the forests to pair up and breed for the annual Dragon Breeding Competition. Players use a pool of dice shared with other players to send out their Dragon Seekers and find suitable dragons. The goal is the gather the most valuable breeding pairs for the Competition and be named the Supreme Dragon Breeder. The game is for 2 – 4 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 20 -35 minutes. Release is planned for summer. MSRP is $25.00.

Starlight Stage is a card-drafting / set collection game where players are head of talent agencies trying to develop pop idols and send them out to gain fame. Players must build up reserves of the three types of talent (Acting, Music, Charm) to unlock greater achievements as performers grow. The game is for 3 – 5 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 30 – 60 minutes. MSRP is $30.00.

Shinobi is a bluffing card game where players represent rival ninja clans united under the Great Daimyo. The ruling daimyo has died, and now the clans will vie to be the successor, by surviving an all-out ninja war. Using bluff and subterfuge, players set their assassins against rival clans, sometimes working with rivals to destroy a common enemy. The game is for 4 – 6 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 15 minutes. MSRP is $10.00. Release is planned for summer.

Japanime Games will also release a new cooperative dice and card game based on the anime series Sword Art Online in August (see “'Sword Art Online Board Game: Sword of Fellows'”) and Arclight Games’ Dynamite Nurse in the summer (see “'Dynamite Nurse'”). Gods’ Gambit, designed by Seiji Kanai (Love Letter), will also release in summer (see “Seiji Kanai's 'Gods' Gambit'”).

See cover images in the gallery below.