Privateer Press is unleashing the Defiers and their Grymkin on the world of the HORDES miniatures game. A faction book, army box, miniatures, and a Grymkin Release Event Kit will release in July.

The Forces of HORDES: Grymkin – The Wicket Harvest faction book includes history and lore on the sinister Grymkin and their dark masters, the Defiers. The Defiers have been freed from the hells of Urcaen, and now they have returned to punish the corrupt denizens of Caen. The book includes rules for two theme forces for armies and new scenarios to unleash the horrors of the Wicked Harvest on the world of Caen. The book is available in hardcover ($41.99) and softcover ($31.99).

The Grymkin Army Box contains everything a player needs to field a competitive army suitable for all battlefield scenarios. The 50-point army uses the Bump in the Night theme force rules.  In includes 1 50-point Grymkin army including: 1 Heretic, 1 Skin & Moans Heavy Warbeast, 1 Gorehound Light Warbeast, 1 Cage Rager Heavy Warbeast, 1 Hollowmen & Lantern Man Unit (11), 1 Piggybacks Unit, 1 Dread Rots Unit (10), 1 Lord Longfellow Solo, and 1 Witchwood Solo. MSRP is $199.99.

The Grymkin Release Event Kit focuses on Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest with thematic scenarios and mechanics. Players can relive the finale of the Crossroads of Courage organized play league events (see “New 'Warmachine' and 'Hordes' Narrative League OP”), where Holden’s fate was decided at Lock & Load 2017. The kit contains materials to support up to eight players, including eight participation coins, eight Courage cards, eight Coward cards, and one kit insert.

See images of The Child – Grymkin Warlock, Skin & Moans – Grymkin Heavy Warbeast, Hollowmen & Lantern Man – Grymkin Unit, Glimmer Imp – Grymkin Solo, Cask Imp – Grymkin Solo, Lady Karianna Rose – Grymkin Solo, Death Knell – Grymkin Battle Engine, and the Grimkin Army Box in the gallery below.